The company logo is loosely based on a petroglyph to be seen at Snowden Carr overlooking the Washburn valley north of Otley in Yorkshire. Found on what is known as the 'Tree of Life Stone', the carving is so worn that it is impossible to say what its original form was intended to be, or from which direction it was meant to be viewed, Equally, its origin and purpose are lost, if it ever had a purpose beyond pleasing the eye.

Folklore associates the site with May Day celebrations. Christian services were held by the stone in later years, but they undoubtedly replaced earlier pagan festivals in such a remote spot. May Day is especially associated with fertility rites, trees and their foliage playing an important part. This may well be the remnant of a druidic connection. The carving, however, is likely to predate the Celtic inhabitants of Britain by many centuries.

This imbues the petroglyph with a number of highly evocative forms and interpretations - all of which relate to Grey House in the Woods.

The tree form is the main structure, but it also creates a series of pathways that branch and rejoin to encompass the roundels or fruit of the tree. The main stem capped by the largest of the roundels is also suggestive of a human figure; perhaps the first of the Celtic ancestors emerging from the sacred oak Bíle after Danu fell from the sky as rain.

Seed forms and star forms also appear which expand the range of meaning that might be read into the overall shape. In the end, however, it is simply a sinuous and intriguing form that attracts attention and upon which meditation is both easy and worthwhile.