ISBN 0-9540531-7-6 ~ Paperback ~ 106 pages ~ £7.95

A new edition of a classic book, too long out of print, Inventing Reality opens the reader up to a new way of thinking, one that allows you to be original and creative.

 Through practical exercises using our everyday experiences, and through fields as diverse as computer programming and water divining, Tom Graves presents a framework in which  synchronicities become a meaningful part of the reader’s creative life.

 This book was ahead of its time when it was first published in 1986. It is still leading the field.

The cover art on this book is ‘The Design of Transformation’ © Sydney A. Lancaster, 2005

Mixed media on hardboard: beeswax, inkjet prints, gel transfer prints, acrylic, oil, found objects. Approximate size 12” x 12”.

‘The Design of Transformation’ comes from a series of work entitled Corpus, Spiritus, Anima, a 30 piece solo show presented at the Red Strap Gallery in Edmonton in April 2006. In this work, and the rest in the series, the artist drew from a collection of images related to alchemy and alchemical texts, maps of the heavens, clocks and other mechanical devices, and combined them with text fragments, found objects, and natural materials such as beeswax, to reveal the tension between desire and reality, the hope of permanence and the inevitability of change. The change and decay so evident in both the natural objects and those constructed by human hands and minds is a simple reminder of the interplay of the transient and the eternal in lived experience, and the fact that much of human endeavor had been focused on negating or denying the one in favour of the other.

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