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Despite the terminal crash of our e trading india computers earlier this year and the subsequent problems caused by the new operating system, we have managed to get two more books to press.

Inventing Reality - Towards a Magical Technology
Tom Graves
is a new edition of a classic work


The Healing Garden - An Introduction to Herbs
Nancy Bench
is the ideal book for any new to herbs.


 There will now be a fallow period whilst we build up our financial reserves. This is vital if we are to move how to invest in Intel shares in India forward with our plans to launch the books in North America (although some titles are now available from Little Mysteries in Halifax, Nova Scotia).

We would like to thank everyone who has been in touch with good wishes and offers of help, your response has been heartening.

We would also like to thank everyone who has bought our books and would urge you to continue spreading the word. Thank you all for your support.



Grey House in the Woods is, principally, a publisher run by Druids to provide serious and well-researched books for Druids and others who are interested in native Celtic spirituality.

The company derives its name from a number of sources. Although it sprang originally from the given names of its founder, the spirits that guide these how to invest in Adidas shares in India things have ensured that it has many other relevant meanings. The great 'grey house' of the forest, for example, is the oak - the Druid's tree. The 'grey house' is also the brain, seat of the intellect and sharing the head with the soul. It is from this grey house that its books are derived.

Grey House in the Woods is not aligned with any of the Druid Orders. It wishes to remain an independent voice for all Druids. Its intention is to produce works that are an exploration of the Druid Way based on a Celtic metaphysic. Books by Grey House in the Woods authors will explore both philosophical and practical aspects of ancestral and modern druidic practice as well as Celtic beliefs and spirituality; present key ancient texts in affordable editions; and showcase the very best in contemporary fiction.
Material can be found on the Writings page, which offers something of the flavour of the material in which we are interested. They are meant as food for thought and we hope you find them to be both tasty and nourishing.
The Hedge Druid Network continues to grow steadily. We know that there are many thousands of Druids who have no connection with Orders and who prefer to work alone or in small Groves. We also know that there are times when lone practitioners would like there to be a way of linking with the larger community of which they are a part. The Network, primarily through its magazine GreenWay, is a means of sharing and discussing ideas as well as providing the strength and backing of a community without forgoing the autonomy which we all prize. If this appeals to you, take a look at the Hedge Druid Network page and get in touch.
As a matter of policy, Grey House in the Woods does not sell or divulge any information about its customers to outside parties. All mailings are made using opaque wrappers and display no advertising.


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