Singing with Blackbirds

The Survival of Primal Celtic Shamanism in later Folk-Traditions


ISBN 0-9540531-6-8 ~ paperback ~ 168 pages ~ £10.95

Published: 21 June 2006

Stuart A. Harris-Logan is the author of Dancing With Ravens (2005) and has had articles published in a wide range of journals.  He has led workshops and given talks on subjects including traditional folk healing practices; Gaelic bird imitations and chants; and Shamanism in Western culture. Stuart is also a qualified anam léigh (or healer) and is a fluent Gaelic speaker.
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Singing with Blackbirds is an investigation of the survival of primal Celtic shamanism in later folk-traditions of Gaelic speaking peoples. This is an insightful and intelligent work that brings together areas of study not normally combined.


'Singing with Blackbirds reveals the ancestral riches of shamanic consciousness and practice among the Gaels. Stuart Harris-Logan invites us to study the resources of our native tradition and  hear the song that is forever singing.'
Caitlín Matthews, author of Encyclopaedia of Celtic Wisdom and Singing the Soul Back Home.

'Robust scholarship and a refreshing grasp of Celtic linguistics combine with the potent 'wind riding' spirit of the shamanic eye in Harris-Logan's SINGING WITH BLACKBIRDS. This seamlessly written exploration is a compelling and thought-provoking journey through the terrain of our Celtic shamanic inheritance. I had visions of Stuart shapeshifting back and forth from deft-handed scholar to the feathered-cloak of our druidic forebears in his treatment of the tradition. To use an image from the author himself, the binding threads of this book are a rope strong enough to tie to the past, and bring the power of these ways more fully into the present and future.'
Frank MacEowen, author of The Spiral of Memory and Belonging

'I do not believe that a book has existed about Gaelic Shamanism that has not only been written by a native Gael who is an interested and well informed academic, but also an experienced shaman… until now.
This work is well overdue and may well have come in answer to the prayers to the Universe of many genuine seekers, wishing be led to a Gaelic shamanic path that is rooted in something more real than at best, the good intentioned imagination and at worst, the entrepreneurial guile of many writers… whose understanding of the Soul of the Gael scarcely extends beyond Brigadoon.'
Fionntulach, (Fiona Davidson) Head of the Ceile De Order.