Sydney Lancaster is a visual artist living and working in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Her work focuses primarily on the tension between the world-views inherent in scientific and rationalist discourse, and that of lived experience and the cyclic character of the natural world. Her work explores the peculiar human impulse to define and atomize things of great complexity. She feels that: “this impulse comes partially from an effort to understand things much larger than oneself, but also from the desire to harness those forces of energy and change so evident in the natural world, and make them subject to human whims.”

The underlying theme in her work to date is that of transformation, its relationship to cyclicity and destruction, the interplay between the constructed world and the natural world, and the way in which humans perceive these realities.

Ms Lancaster is currently working on a new series of mixed media works that extend these ideas, to include an examination of the construction of identity through culture, personal history, and modern technological environments and tools.

Examples of her work can be found on her website.