Inventing Reality

Towards A Magical technology

Tom Graves


A revised and expanded edition to mark the 20th anniversary of the book's first publication.
Best known to some as a dowser, Tom Graves is also a highly renowned writer, philosopher, and psychologist whose work aims at practical solutions. Inventing Reality, explores ways of working with the world as an extension of our own mind and awareness, moving ecological thinking beyond the material and offering new ways to approach everyday life.

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the Light beyond the Forest
of Seeing and the Druid Way

This is the second book of Greywind’s philosophical triad. The first volume, the Voice within the Wind, explored the ways in which we need to realign our vision of the world to become Druid in the modern era. That vision is based upon a Celtic metaphysic now largely lost to us. This volume explores how we lost that metaphysic to the encroachment of religious dogma and scientific materialism. In so doing, it reconstructs what it is that we have lost and sets it out in a form that is relevant to us today.


the Truth against the World
of Being and the Druid Way

The third book of Greywind’s triad looks at how the Celtic metaphysic, reconstructed and explored in the first two books, can be put into practice in both our spiritual and material lives. By exploring the ways in which we touch the Land, the Sea, and the Sky in both literal and metaphorical senses it sets out a pattern for living that touches the physical world lightly and binds us more tightly to the spiritual.